AnimalhealthEurope instead of IFAH-Europe

On October 11-th, 2017 during a 30-th unniversary of IFAH-Europe the General Assembly voted for a new name of Animalhealth Europe. We also have a new logo depicting people, animals and the earth, signifying man’s mutually dependent relationship with animals for companionship and food products.

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The 6-th ESVAC report already available.


POLPROWET and IFAH-­Europe Declare Commitment to Promoting Responsible Use of Antibiotics

Both associations welcome the European Medicines Agency’s 6th ESVAC Report (European Surveillance of Veterinary Antimicrobial Consumption), as an important demonstration of transparency of antibiotic use in animals in line with the European Commission’s “Action Plan against the Rising Threats from Antimicrobial Resistance”. On a European basis the report shows a continued downwards trend of antibiotic sales for veterinary use.


AMR on GA of UN

UN High Level Meeting on AMR: IFAH-Europe Confident

Europe’s Efforts Going in Right Direction

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First-ever survey amongst EU citizens reveals need for awareness-raising on the benefits of veterinary medicines

Brussels, 12 September 2016 – A new survey commissioned by IFAH-Europe, the International Federation for Animal Health Europe, across 6 European countries canvasses the perceptions and attitudes of EU citizens towards the use of veterinary medicines for the treatment and prevention of diseases in pets and farm animals. The results show that EU citizens are concerned about the use of veterinary medicines and their impact on human health. Their level of knowledge on the topic, however, is in general limited.


General Assembly has chosen a new management

On Monday, March 11th at Bayer sp. z o.o. the Polprowet GA took place. After opening by Artur Zalewski the lead took over Jan Baranowski. The GA was an occasion to present achievements of last passed year and also to present the financial report. All presented reparts were accepted by GA. Finally the Management of Polprowet consists of:

Management Team - with Jan Baranowski, Jacek Koperski, Elzbieta Saloni,  Piotr Bonisławski and Tomilav Dumanovsky.

Inspection Commission: Jacek Urynek, Cyryl Przybył. Aleksandra Bubas-Klimkiewicz.


Control of development of AMR in Poland

Warsaw, 01.04.2016. The letter to Minister of Agriculture has been sent explaining the need of creation an Experts Working Group to workout an AMR National Programm. Polprowet  has initiated this activity asking MoA for coordintion of activities.

An AMR National Programme in the future will be a part of EU AMR Programme what is clearly expressed in Europen Commission's conclusions. The Dutch presidency (Jan-June 2016) puts a lot of efforts on AMR aspects.


5th ESVAC Report is welcome

POLPROWET Welcomes 5 th ESVAC Report

We Must Continue to Promote Responsible Use of Antibiotics in Animals


Biofaktor has joined POLPROWET

Since May,2015 Biofaktor Sp. z o.o. is an active member of POLPROWET, but yesterday became officially invited during The Board Meeting. All members voted for Biofaktor. We are very happy to welcome Biofaktor aboard and we count on Biofaktor's opinions and contribution into the work for our common objectives. 


General Assembly - Polprowet Board has a new member

GA behind us. It was a pleasure to see so many of colleagues from different companies in one place again. We gathered 100% voices to vote for financial and activity reports prepared bt the Board of Polprowet.

Dr. Tomislav Dumanovsky representing CEVA has joined the Board. He replaced Dr. Albet Urbanek who took over another responsibility in his company Intervet/MSD and moved abroad.

We wish both gentlemen a lot of success.