Debate on responsible use of antimicrobials. What to do next?


The main sponsor of XI-th International Buiatric Conference in Pulawy, Zoetis prepared a debate on "responsible use of antimicrobials" in dairy cattle.

The debate was led by two young and experianced buiatricians: Prof. W. Barański and Dr. T. Jankowiak. Despite of the late hour the audience was there. The topic of the debate brought practitioners to the hall. Some were even sitting on stairs, others were standing.

At the end of the debate when discussion begun it was hard to take a voice. The facilitator , Prof. D. Bednarek gave a chance to Dr. A. Zalewski from Polprowet who expresed the voice of industry:

  • Antimicrobials are not panaceum on lacks in poor production and husbandry conditions
  • Using antimicrobials one nedds to bear in mind other important factors like animal welfare in connection with production environment, including hygiene, biosecurity, nutrition, farm management, qualifications of the staff, self development (continuing education programs for vets),  tailor made prophylactic program for each farm. It is important to be a partner in business for farmer thus to have a constant view into the business. See EPRUMA
  • We, partners in food production of animal orygin, should do our best to extend life of existing antimicrobials as the new ones are not likely to appear in nearest future
  • Usage of antimicrobials according to the rule: " as much as needed, as little as possible" together with all other aspects of animal production is a basic tool of rational and responsible use of antibiotics.
  • Current legislation both in Poland and in the rest of EU is not in favour to invets milions EUR and years into development of new active ingredients. This law does not guarantee return on investment, therefore last years there are more generics appearing on the market and perhaps just a few innovative products, not antimicrobials.

Polprowet with support of IFAH-Europe continously tries to influence people responsible for creation of a new law (EU regulations) to change it thus to support innovation. The same time we call all stakeholders to join and to work-out a polish guideliness of responsible use of antimicrobials. Waiting more and having not such a guideline we definitively leave this to EU administration. This wil come one day.