The Polish Association of Producers and Importers of Veterinary Medicinal Products “POLPROWET” was brought to life in order to represent interest of associated in it importers, producers and distributors of veterinary medicinal products in Poland. The main goals of mentioned above industry representants are developing strategies for providing quality food with at the same time lowering its cost in order to increase overall health status, support economical growth and protect the environment.  

Polprowet is also the industries answer to a call for a strong body that would be able to represent its interest when it comes to dealing with Governmental institutions and stakeholders (general public and media). 

To make sure that the Associations voice will also be heard at the European level and help it to adjust faster to European standards it became a member of a European branch of the International Federation for Animal Health (IFAH-Europe).


Those who are capable to represent POLPROWET are The Members of The Board. These are as followng:

Jan BaranowskiJan Baranowski
Chairman of POLPROWET

Mobile: +48 606 665 553



Sylwia TobólskaSylwia Tobólska
Member of The Board

Mobile: +48 501 478 049



Rafał SzczytowskiRafał Szczytowski
Member of The Board

Mobile: +48 783 939 541



Jacek KoperskiJacek Koperski
Member of The Board

Mobile. +48 697 200 290



Tomislav DumanovskyRobert Kaszyński
Member of The Board

 +48 600 204 990




Artur ZalewskiArtur Zalewski
Managing Director

Mobile: +48 604 264 900
Office address: 02-784 Warszawa ul. Prof. Xawerego Dunikowskiego 12 / 1


Representative of any company manufacturing or distributing animal health products in Poland acting according to Polish law and obeying rules and norms of The Association is able to become member of The Association.

A simple declaration of membership in a form of letter consisted of name / names of maximum two representatives (candidates) should be sent to the Polprowet Board under address of the office.

Candidates become members of POLPROWET based on unonimous decision of The Board followed by resolution of General Assembly.

Details can be found here: Statute, page 4, chapter III, about members, § 10


The objectives of the Association are as follows

  • defending interests of the companies represented in the Association by their members, working out a common stance of the members of the Association against the authorities, institutions and mass media, and representing their business matters towards these bodies;
  • establishing contacts and creating an atmosphere of mutual trust between the companies represented by the members of the Association;
  • opposing practices being incompatible with the conduct of business rules, and with unfair competition in particular;
  • protecting and promoting the human and animal health;
  • educating on the protection and promotion of the human and animal health.