Polsus organized a conference in Ministry of Agriculture on March 27th. Despite of  pig producers and representatives of different associations dealing with pigs, vet officials from vet inspection were present. Easily more than 100 participants met to discuss what to do next? ASF doesn't spread so quickly as expected before. A natural reservoir of the diseases are wild pigs. They cross borders between countries (Belarussia and Poland) without bigger problems. The same refers to natural ones (rivers and lakes). Reduction of wild pigs population, intensive monitoring of hunted or dead wild pigs and biosecurity measures are the most important ways to control spread of the disease for a moment. There is a high risk to spread the disease with meat of its products by human beings. The same happened in 2007 in Geoargia.

Having decided to eradicate ASF from Poland now,  when incidences happen practically in one voivodship and where average pig farm consists of 4 hogs would be much easier than doing the same later, when ASFV reaches regions with high density of pigs. Costs calculated by Prof. Zygmunt Pejsak in a 2nd scenario would be 100 times higher. Who is capable to make desired decison? What will happen next?