Area of activity

On February 2004 The Polish Association of Producers and Importers of Veterinary Medicinal Products Polprowet, joined IFAH and became one of the 16 members so called co-founder of the European branch of IFAH, IFAH-Europe with its head office in Brussels

IFAH is a short for International  Federation for Animal Health. It is an organization that works worldwide and her members are representatives of veterinary medicines industry from all over the world. The main goal of the organization is to create the best possible conditions for actions of its members in the field of protecting animal health and through that human health. 

IFAH members are national societies which bring together representatives of pharmaceutical companies, veterinary companies which work on local markets and also the representatives of European  pharmaceutical companies head offices. IFAH is a non-governmental organization. IFAH-Europe is not one of EU’s organizations and because of that it is not a problem if an organization from a not associated with EU country tries to join. 

In the election to IFAH’s authorities Alejandro Bernal  from Zoetis has been chosen to be the chairman of the organization and Rick Clayton is temporarily playing a task of the executive manager.  

IFAH has three core activities on which it focuses the most attention: 

  • Food chain - under this term hides proper care for high standard of animal food  products (meat, eggs, diary products) control. It is also about taking care of modern veterinary medicines production standards and the role of veterinarians in consumers health protection. 
  • Regulatory framework - this mostly concerns the matter of  new veterinary medicines registration, also deciding on the MRLs such as: the maximum allowed concentration of medicinal residues in animal’s body and animal food products what has the direct influence on consumers health. In addition to that it takes care of monitoring adverse reactions to medicines (pharmacovigilance). It is important to say that, the accession of Poland  to the European Union resulted in the fact that every company that is a part of animal health industry is obliged to develop appropriate procedures in this matters. 
  • Image management - efforts are made to bring national institutions attention to veterinary medicine industry problems, unappreciated in the face of real dangers ( i.e. ASF, avian influenza, SARS), which may be crucial  for effective fighting with animal and human diseases. 
    Polprowet works on an additional 4th core activity:
  • Market – mainly understand as attempts to recognize a size thus trends in animal health industry both of international and of local origin. We wish that Polish market develops towards to well established Western-European ones and our offer fits to a local demand.


With Polprowet becoming a member of  IFAH-Europe, it accepted the mentioned above guidelines. Nevertheless it didn’t forget about the objectives for achieving which it was founded in the year 1999. Those are as follows:  

  • defence of interests of the companies represented in the Association by its members,
  • working out a common stance of the members of the Association against the authorities, institutions and media, and representing their business matters towards these bodies,
  • establishing contact and creating an atmosphere of mutual trust between the companies represented by the members of The Association,
  • defying practices being incompatible with market rules, and with unfair competition in particular.

We are very glad that more and more companies become members of our society. At this moment there are 13 leading companies that have significant share of the market (ca 80%).