AMR on GA of UN



IFAH-Europe very much welcomes the High Level

conclusions on AMR adopted at the UN General Assembly on 21st September and is

confident that the key actions in place in Europe’s health policies will support the fight

against antimicrobial resistance.

The animal health industry in Europe is pleased to see this important issue receiving the

attention it deserves from global leaders. We are particularly encouraged by the latest G20

statement which puts One Health in action with the World Organisation for Animal Health

(OIE), the World Health Organization (WHO), the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO)

and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) tasked with

recommending concrete actions for 2017. We look now to this high level meeting to mobilise

and drive forward strong national, regional and global political commitment in addressing

AMR comprehensively and multi-sectorally, whilst improving awareness through fact-based

informative campaigns and promoting ways in which to slow the development of resistance.

IFAH-Europe Secretary General said, “It is essential for both people and animals to have

access to efficient health systems with effective medicines. We will continue to pursue

solutions alongside our EU counterparts through the monitoring of resistance development,

reporting on the use of our products, supporting awareness-raising campaigns, and

promoting the Responsible Use of veterinary medicines hand-in-hand with good bio-security

practices. We look forward to taking an active role in the EU’s One Health Network on AMR

and keenly await the updated EU Action Plan on AMR expected to be published in 2017.”

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• 2001 - Council of the EU Recommendation on the prudent use of antimicrobial agents in human


• 2003 - Globally the OIE formed a Tripartite Action Plan against AMR alongside the FAO and WHO.

• 2005 - IFAH-Europe co-founded alongside the vets (FVE) and the farmers (COPA-COGECA) the

“European Platform for the Responsible Use of Medicines in Animals” (EPRUMA) advocating guidance

of responsible use of animal medicines. There are also equivalent national responsible use platforms in

a number of member states (e.g. RUMA (UK), Vetresponsable (Spain), AMCRA (Belgium), etc.)

• 2005 - The European Medicines Agency started collecting veterinary usage data under the “European

Surveillance of Veterinary Antimicrobial Consumption” (ESVAC).

• 2011 - The EU developed an “Action Plan on Antimicrobial Resistance”. Many EU countries are

implementing national plans.

• 2015 - The European Commission issued “Prudent Use Guidelines”

• 2016 – The EMA launched a new ESVAC Vision and Strategy for 2016-2020.

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