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POLPROWET and IFAH-­Europe Declare Commitment to Promoting Responsible Use of Antibiotics

Both associations welcome the European Medicines Agency’s 6th ESVAC Report (European Surveillance of Veterinary Antimicrobial Consumption), as an important demonstration of transparency of antibiotic use in animals in line with the European Commission’s “Action Plan against the Rising Threats from Antimicrobial Resistance”. On a European basis the report shows a continued downwards trend of antibiotic sales for veterinary use.

Commenting on the report, IFAH­Europe Secretary General Roxane Feller said, “The animal health industry in Europe believes that efforts such as the ESVAC reporting can help policy­makers to develop more targeted and better refined policies to fight AMR (antimicrobial resistance) effectively. We are pleased to see that this year’s report shows continued developments in terms of responsibleuse of antibiotics in animals.”

The report shows that sales of the highest priority antibiotics, as identified by the EMA, remain low overall. This year’s report has a new section on sales of colistin, a class of antibiotic regulated by the EMA earlier this year as only to be used for last­resort treatment in animals. It reports that from 2011­2014, sales of colistin (reported under polymyxins) in the 25 countries surveyed decreased by 9 % overall.

“The range of antibiotics available for veterinarians is considerably smaller than the one for human medicine, so any further policies setting restrictions on the availability of antibiotics for veterinary use should consider the impact on animal health and welfare. IFAH-Europe and POLPROWET remain committed to the promotion of the responsible use of medicines in animals and surveillance of use. And this alongside diagnostics; good biosecurity measures; appropriate housing and nutrition; herd health programs and the use of all antibiotics under the prescription of a veterinarian. Our end­goal is to ensure the future efficacy of antibiotic therapy in both human and veterinary medicine,” concluded Ms. Feller.

Ahead of the publication of the report, IFAH­Europe signed a declaration (on 13 October 2016) along with the partner organisations of EPRUMA (European Platform for the Responsible Use of Medicines in Animals) outlining 7 commitments to the responsible use of veterinary medicines during a workshop held in conjunction with the Slovak Presidency of the EU.

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• The ESVAC report is coordinated by the European Medicines Agency. It presents standardised sales data gathered annually on veterinary antibiotics by class in cooperation with national authorities. Over the years, some countries have changed their national data collection systems and/or have identified under­reporting for some of the years. This serves to emphasise that changes observed over years should be interpreted with caution.

• EPRUMA is a multi­stakeholder platform promoting the responsible use of medicines in animals in the EU to maintain efficacy and both prevent and minimise adverse reactions.

• IFAH­Europe is the representative body of manufacturers of veterinary medicines, vaccines and other animal health products in Europe. It promotes a single market in veterinary medicines across the EU ensuring the availability of medicines to protect the health and welfare of animals

• POLPROWET is a representation of IFAH-Europe in Poland.

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